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Train Your Brain 脳を鍛えます

2021-09-03 by ヘレン・プライス Helen Price



To become a dancer you will spend many long hours in the studio training your body to make it strong and flexible, but don't forget, you must also train your brain.

Train Your Brain

Here are some ways you can do that. 



Watch Other People

Watch other people dance.

When you are dancing certain areas in your brain are being used. When you watch someone else dance those same areas of your brain are activated.

So, it's good for your brain to watch your teacher demonstrate the choreography or to watch another dancer perform choreography that you are learning.




Mark the Choreography

Mark the choreography.

Marking the choreography gives your brain a chance to process the order of the steps and the dynamics of each movement. A study done at the University of California found that dancers who take time to mark the choreography perform better than dancers who only practice full out. 




Use Your Eyes and Proprioception 1

Use Your Eyes and Proprioception 2

Use your eyes and your proprioception.

Mirrors in the studio can be used to correct your positions. When you look in the mirror you are getting information through your eyes. After you have done that take a moment to close your eyes and feel the correct placement. This will train your proprioception.




Looking in the Mirror is Not Ideal

Take a Video

Take a video.

Using mirrors to watch yourself move is not ideal because your head and eyes will not be placed properly. It is better to ask a friend to take a video of you dancing. When you watch the video you can really concentrate on seeing how you are moving and thinking about how you can improve.




Use Imagery

Use imagery.

Use imagery to remember the order and dynamics of a dance. This is especially useful with contemporary dance because it doesn't have names for all the steps. 




Keep a Journal

Keep a journal.

Write notes about the choreography and the corrections your teacher gives you. Taking the time to do this will give you a chance to think through the dance. Read your notes before the next class or rehearsal.




Visualize yourself dancing.

Find time to close your eyes and imagine yourself performing the dance. When you think about doing a dance your brain is working in the same way as when you are actually doing the dance. It helps if you can play the music for the dance as you visualize it. Imagine yourself performing better than you did in class. Next time you do the dance you will feel an improvement. 








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<< Follow up to my blog: On Compliments & Corrections, and Being a Strict Ballet Teacher in Japan
Exciting or Excited? I’m confused!「エキサイティング」か「エキサイテッド」?どちらを使うべき? >>
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Train Your Brain 脳を鍛えます

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Follow up to my blog: On Compliments & Corrections, and Being a Strict Ballet Teacher in Japan

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